crowdsourcing translation

Crowdsourcing is a relatively new business concept, although software companies have crowdsourced testing of new projects for decades (via alpha and beta testers). Crowdsourcing is… Read more.

technical document translation knowledge

We know that using documents is a fundamental part of our society‚Äôs communication system and that they form the basis of just about everything from… Read more.

document translation mistakes

The most common amateur mistakes encountered in document translation are related to words not being used in their proper sense. Another common mistake is bad… Read more.

best translation software

Translation software can be expensive and free tools like the online Google or Bing translators leave much to be desired. To give an example of… Read more.

proofread carefully

Website language translation may seem a lengthy and complicated process, one whose benefits are not immediately noticeable. In other words, for a website owner, translating… Read more.

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