International Link Building Strategies Reviewed.

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The reason why a ‘world wide web’ sits in front of your domain address, it’s an opportunity to reach, network and share your thoughts, communicate your products and services  around the world, with International SEO tactics duplicating local success. Think local, act global (in context to SEO) can now be taken literally.

International link building poses many unique challenges for link builders, least of which are language and cultural barriers as well as effectively qualifying link building opportunities for their greatest impact on local search engine results.

Here’s how to do it in 5 easy steps!

  • Step 1 Identify key words: know where you should focus on
  • Step 2 Don’t translate key words: optimise correctly
  • Step 3 Identifying link building assets opportunity;
    • Identify Your International SERPs Competitors
    • Prospect for International Link Opportunities
    • Qualify for International Link Opportunities
    • Acquire International Links
  • Step 4 Monitoring: monitor your work and grab opportunities.
  • Step 5 Tracking: track down the new frontiers.

Analyze and Identify

Identifying the top established sites for link building opportunity exporting applicable backlinks is the name of the game. Different countries have varied resources available, so knowing what opportunities you have is critical to forming the link building strategy. The web offers a variety of sources for this purpose if you consider CEE countries, blogging is quite a popular route along with social media and press releases. Article directories remain an undeveloped option at this stage.

Get the help of a local search marketer to find relevant sites in other countries that you can approach to find out your options.

“Tap into search engines”

One link from an authority site can be equal to 1000 off topic links. Since relevance is one of the key metrics search engines use to determine how much value the link passes, think outside the box, or at least outside the country to find other sites that have attained authority status. Naturally, quality or the authority of a site varies depending on the country. It’s important to note that what may seem ‘low’ quality in the English speaking market, may in fact be the standard in that particular market, this presents a opportunity for further research.


As with the English speaking market, traffic comes from uncommon sources. Therefore always monitor your site with Analytics software to determine were visitors and comments originate from. Next step is to monitor your link building activities to identify which tactics are generating the ideal results. Overtime you can look to cater your landing pages and your service offer in a way that targets the international audience even better.

Create link-worthy content and communicate with local suppliers and buyer

Before you embark on an SEO campaign, look for new ways to emulate local or national SEO strategies abroad (a great plug in for FireFox exists from Red Fly Marketing for this purpose called Google Global. This will assist with seeing local search results). Finding which links prove most valuable to your competitions ranking will streamline any local link building efforts. Taking competition analysis offline, identify what local providers are doing to attract local interest, find out how they reached and connected with local buyers and supplier you can start by assessing the links, then taking your efforts one step further by contacting those companies and making them an offer.

If you want to build links internationally, it’s more then just building links. Identifying the resources available, creating the online links, then getting ‘really’ local and connecting with local suppliers and link building partners is a solid strategy.

The strategy is not limited to websites, resources or directories, communicating through a blog is universally recognised online, you can also make your RSS feed international! by blogging in multiple languages.

Use similar strategies to jet set without leaving the comfort of your computer when looking for other uncommon International SEO link building opportunities.

As these show, international link building has a lot more to it than what seems at first sight. The key point here is that the marketer must “think out of the box” and tap what will benefit him most and should exploit it carefully.

International link building, once mastered, will definitely boost SEO in today’s rapidly globalizing internet community and would help you stay amidst the sea of multicultural and bilingual users.

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